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It's TIME to BREATHE again

Too often, there are men and women who are not given the proper tools to live a safe and healthy life outside of a prisons' walls. It is our goal to ensure the safe rehabilitation of these individuals and to also set in motion an opportunity for them to be evaluated for mental health so that they may get the proper care.

Our objective is to help them make a smooth transition back into society and to lower the recidivism rate. We also want to make the streets a safer place for all. We have plans in the future for fundraising such as raffles and other  giveaways. We could use your support in terms of donations and any other help to make our goals a success. Get in touch with us for more details.

WE HELP by keeping good people out of prison and getting them the proper treatment they need. WE SERVE by giving back to our community and making sure we all prosper together. IT'S WHAT YOU DESERVE and everyone deserves a second chance at life. Help us make it possible for those individuals who are looking for help.

Image by Oladimeji Odunsi
Life inside Dateline NBC Prisoners

Life inside Dateline NBC Prisoners

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cropped image of african american prison
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